Greetings! I'm My name is Eric T. Brandt, a.k.a. "Eric T." Welcome to the  home for my myriad musical endeavors. I am "songtrepreneur" - a musician, songwriter, bandleader, performer and producer. I hope this site visit grabs your attention for a few moments and compels you to click-on for a listen to a song or two. If so, and your curiosity yields a sufficient itch, please join me and raise your hand (subscribe below)  to receive updates as I forge ahead on a long overdue musical project-  to produce a new record/album/CD of a collection of new songs I've written over the past few years (and some that were started years ago. They all come from the heart, painting a patchwork quilt of my own experiences, feelings, musings, losses, struggles, etc.   

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